KOMPASS is an adaptive assessment engine that is built on the fundamental premise of using assessment as a pedagogical tool for learning, making a paradigm shift from ‘Assessment of Learning’ to ‘Assessment for Learning’. It measures the conceptual understanding to analyze the ‘Gaps in Learning’ at the minutest of levels and establish the exact Learning Levels of every individual student.

Let us look at how KOMPASS impacts a learner's journey

In a class test Kiaan got a 7/10 and Kiana got a 3/10. Who do you think is better? Kiaan or Kiana???


Kiaan lost 3 marks by making concept based mistakes and Kiana lost 7 marks by committing calculation based mistakes. Her concept clarity is much better then that of Kiaan.


Kiana outperforms Kiaan by class 10.


  • CLASS 1
  • CLASS 2
  • CLASS 3

So, where does the problem really lie?



Personalised Individualized learning Path (PILP)

How do Students benefit

  • Complete automation of formative assessment (based on CCE)

  • Thorough evaluation of learning objectives

  • Individual student performance analysis

  • State, district, school and section-wise analysis

How do Schools benefit

  • Identification of areas of improvement

  • Readily available reports for performance evaluation and analysis

  • Helps in revision of specific concepts

  • Focused interventions