* Actual product may vary

* Hardware shown is not part of the product

KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration


Holistic Growth

Think NEW

Logical Thinking

Language Proficiency


KUBE is an educational gamebox that redesigns and shapes child's thinking through Brain Training. It is packed with the following learning elements

VR Kit

Attractive VR glasses to experience the virtual tour

VR App

Immersive,edutaining app for VR journey

3D Expression Journal

Fun Facts and tracker images for 3D learning

Digital Knowledge Game

Gripping and fact filled digital game

Knowledge Deck

Engaging picture card
game with related facts

Creative Illustration

3D trackable chart as a learning and visualisation tool

Vocab Builder

Catchy, theme based words and their meanings

Brain Booster Series

A brain tickling series of puzzles and teasers

Trivia Booklet

Fascinating theme
based facts

Activity Kit

Creativity and imagination through physical activities

Sunday Knowledge Time

Weekly does of insightful knowledge bytes

Personalised Growth Report

Weekly report of skills

Ground Zero

Spill proof mat for playtime

Do It Yourself Manual

Detailed manual or guide for KUBE

* Actual product may vary

* Hardware shown is not part of the product

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KUBE is like an adventure sitting at home. It is not just a knowledge cube but a joy KUBE! A lot of learning and a lot of games –the best gaming learning experience. Marvels of India is my favourite KUBE.