What is KUBE?

It is an acronym for Knowledge Cube. KUBE is the first of its kind educational product, designed to foster ingenious thinking. It has been designed to introduce learners to a theme-based journey of physical and digital hands-on activities. This journey has been designed to facilitate organic learning through the following key features:

  • 1Gamification
  • 23D Visualization
  • 3Augmented Reality
  • 4Virtual Reality

These features help in Creative Skills Development including self learning, curiosity and imagination along with enhanced logical and decision making capabilities.

What age is KUBE appropriate for?

It has been designed to facilitate and track learning of primary section learners. However, some themes may be useful for learners younger and/or older than this age group also.

What are the constituents of a KUBE?

Each KUBE is based on a theme listed here and includes more than 12 physical as well as digital activities. For details, please visit the corresponding product page.

What areas will my child benefit from KUBE?

KUBE has been designed to develop scholastic and co-scholastic skills in your child to make him future ready. For details, please visit: https://www.kompanions.com/kube.php

How was KUBE curated?

KUBE is a result of a novel idea refined with inputs that have been synthesised from various academicians, principles, teachers, students and their parents across India, throughout its development phase. By now, KUBE has been experienced by many learners and the journey has been appreciated by all of them along with the teachers and parents.

How does the growth report help my child?

While the physical and digital components of KUBE facilitate various skill enhancements for the learner, the digital journey captures data and analyses the same to give you a growth report of the learner encompassing both scholastic and co-scholastic parameters.

How much time is enough to cover one KUBE’s journey?

Each KUBE has been designed on a particular theme picked up from the world around today’s learners. For effective knowledge enhancement, we propose an hour a day over a month to make the best from one KUBE. However, the digital journey is an unlimited journey with lifetime free upgrades, if any.


How can I buy?

You can buy a KUBE from this website. Simply choose the KUBEs that you would like your child to experience and pay online to get them delivered at your doorstep.
Choose more than one KUBE and get rewarded in form of higher discounts.

Can I gift a KUBE to my loved ones?

Of course! We care for your emotions and would appreciate if you help us spread the awesomeness of our KUBE.
You can choose different dates and addresses in the same order for different KUBEs that you choose. This way you get rewarded with higher discounts also.

Can I cancel my order?

We are sure that KUBE will facilitate an awesome experience for your child. However, if you are forced to take such an extreme step, please do so before we have shipped your order. Once shipped, we will not be able to cancel your order.

Can I cancel my order partially?

Yes, but in this case each KUBE delivered to you will be charged at its MRP. However, as stated earlier, we are sure such situations will not arise.

How long will the refund take?

All refunds will be processed in 10-15 business days and will be processed through the payment method selected by you.


Is shipping free?

Yes, we provide free shipping across India. Your orders will be delivered to you within 4-7 working days.


Please feel free to call us on +91-9555 060606 for any further assistance.